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M2 Malunggay Okra Luya Concentrate Tea Drink 1L

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Product Description

A healthy baby starts with a healthy breastfeeding mommy!

  • M2 concentrated tea drink with high source of beta-carotene, calcium, iron, potassium.
  • with Okra- contains- Zinc, Vit A, Vit K and Luya – potassium and magnesium.
  • Drinking M2, malunggay ice tea is a good source of phytonutrients
  • Sweetened with muscovado

Refreshing and delicious recipe


  • Pour ice in a 12oz glass
  • Add 4 tablespoons of M2
  • Fill with water
  • Squeeze calamansi or lemon


  • Pour hot water in a cup
  • Add 3 tablespoons of M2
  • Squeeze calamansi or lemon