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Sacred Newborn Cleanser

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Product Description

Sacred, the simplest newborn cleanser, made with love for the first six months.

The first six months are the most crucial phase for our little ones. Since their skin is still so new and just beginning to develop, bathing them requires extreme simplicity. However, bathing products that are marketed for infants and toddlers still contain ingredients that are not simple enough for newborns. This is why we created Sacred, the world’s first newborn cleanser made specially for the first six months

Sacred Six Months

✓ The world’s first newborn cleanser lovingly made for the first six months

✓ Specially formulated for the most dry and sensitive skin

✓ Made with all natural plant-derived ingredients

✓ Dermatologically Tested Hypoallergenic

✓ Deep Hydration / Sustained Moisturization for up to 72 hours

✓ ZERO scents or fragrances

✓ ZERO irritating acids

✓ ZERO harsh chemicals 

✓ Active Ingredient: Saccharide Isomerate (Pentavitin) ECOCERT, Skin Identical, Sustain Moisture for up to 3 days (after 4 weeks of use)

✓ Deeply hydrate and nourish the skin up to the third layer of the skin.

Uses of Sacred

✓ Top-to-toe wash

✓ Shampoo and Conditioner (best for dry scalp)

✓ Facial cleanser

✓ Make-up remover

✓ Feminine/Genital area wash

✓ Stretch marks

✓ Dehydrated, Hypersensitive and Acne Prone Skin