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Sacred Zero-Fragrance Moisturizing Sanitizer

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Product Description

It has finally arrived! The latest addition to our Sacred Family — Zero Fragrance Moisturizing Sanitizer! So how is it distinguished from its first variant, the All-in-One Sanitizer? The new Sacred Moisturizing Sanitizer has ZERO fragrance and is a milder & safer version which can be now safely used even for babies 6 months below, more so a better alternative from the other harsh disinfectants in the market.

Because we value all our parent believers, especially when we know there's a need we should address, we couldn't be more ecstatic in launching our second variant of sanitizer. Now suitable for all ages (still use with caution on the little ones), moms can certainly have a few stash of these because sanitizers are now considered an immediate staple in households! It is made with love for Moms and Kids to help disinfect your hands, toys, surfaces and anything around you so you can enjoy sanitizing anytime, anywhere!